Easy & Effective Decon for ALL Chem/Bio Agents:

Household bleach, that you buy in the store, is about 5.25% / 5.50 % sodium hypochlorite concentrate.

Human Decontamination:

To kill all known chem/bio agents in contact with human skin, the solution needs to be bleach mixed with water so that the percentage of bleach in the water is 20 parts water and 1 part household bleach (1 gallon of bleach – 20 gallons of water). Very thoroughly rinse skin with water after decontamination with this solution. Do not mix the bleach with other chemicals.

Area Decontamination:

Parking lots, exteriors of buildings, sidewalks and all other area decontaminations should be accomplished at 1.0%. which would be 1 gallon of bleach and 5 gallons of water. This can also be accomplished with fire trucks / fire apparatus in emergency situations (when the temperature permits) by batch mixing in the fire truck water tank and recirculating to mix.

We take great pride and responsibility in designing and manufacturing the very finest Chemical Biological Decontamination Apparatus. As with all of our Custom Apparatus, we build each unit from the ground up. This aspect insures that we can effectively monitor the Total Quality Control Process throughout each unit built. Each unit is crafted using heavy duty parts – high quality materials – and components that are the most accurate and durable. When called to duty these units are reliable, have a very quick set- up time, and their operation is simple and easy to understand.


The ability for the World’s Emergency Responders to effectively deal with possible Chemical Plant Emergencies, Uncivilized Acts of Terrorism, Tanker Truck Spills, Railcar Mishaps and Other Unfortunate Situations is a responsibility that is taken very seriously by everyone in our organization. We have thoroughly designed and fine tuned our systems to handle these applications with the utmost effectiveness. All vital systems are controlled and monitored from our Central Operator Control Panel. Once our apparatus arrives on the scene – it is capable of being up and running at full capability and capacity in just a few minutes. And even more impressive, each unit is designed to run for countless hours on end in order to accomplish the tasks at hand.

” The World’s Best Decon Apparatus “