Twin Agent System

All Twin Agent systems are custom designed and built to customer specifications. The reason for this is that every application is unique, and we have found that 95% of our Twin Agent customers request system customization.

Over the past 5 years, our twin agent, dry chemical and foam equipment has become the “equipment of choice” for all branches of the US government. The reasons for this are the quality, durability, support and value or our equipment.

Tanks can be mounted in either the vertical or horizontal layout, depending on application, center of gravity issues, etc. The 500 Pound Dry Chemical/ 150 Gallon AFFF Foam System is very popular because it is designed to fit into most Fire Fighting, ARFF, and Rescue vehicle beds. We build systems designed specifically to meet the FAA Part 139 requirements. There is no system too big or too small. Nozzles are configured for independent or simultaneous discharge. One thing that sets our systems above all the rest is the fact that it is “Pre-Pressurized,” always ready for immediate discharge. All other systems require a wait time while the unit pressurizes prior to discharge. In some cases, this wait can exceed 1 minute, far too long when lives are at stake. Another benefit of the Dry Chemical being stored under pressure is that it prevents packing, a condition where the dry chemical becomes so packed and hardened, it can not be discharged. Also, all of our systems can be configured for AFFF Foam or CAFS (Compressed Air Foam).

These systems were originally designed to withstand the extremely harsh conditions of offshore oil rigs and platforms. They have been in continuous use throughout the world now for over 34 years. All systems come standard with an extra thick (15 mils or greater) powder coat finish, stainless steel hardware, and internal coatings on the AFFF foam tanks to prevent internal corrosion.