RKO Decontamination Apparatus Proprietary Design Overview

  • Wide Range of Unit Sizes / Capabilities
  • Lifetime RKO Piping Systems
  • Lifetime Poly Tanks
  • The Industries’ Finest Designs and Fabrication Techniques
  • Exclusive RKO – Foam Pro Digital Decon Concentrate Injection Systems
  • Exclusive RKO Instantaneous Diesel Fired Wash and Rinse Shower Systems
  • Some Units can Decontaminate Personnel and then immediately afterwards carry out Area Decon Operations (Versatile and Saves Time)
  • Our Designs can be configured to load onboard various aircraft
  • Very Quick Set – Up Times
  • Dependable – Safe – Accurate
  • Our Units are Fueled entirely by Diesel Fuel ( Propane is Dangerous and more difficult to obtain)
  • Built for Real World Situations

Foam Pro Decon Concentrate Injection System Design
RKO is the company that innovated the use of Digital Concentrate Injection Systems for use in Chemical – Biological Decon Apparatus years ago. We realized that it is very critical to have the most accurate ratios when dealing with human life. We do not use inaccurate eductor systems for Human Decon. RKO and Foam Pro Corporation have teamed up to bring you the most accurate – most dependable – operator friendly – toughest water to decon concentrate mixing systems available anywhere in the World. Another RKO First in the industry. Furthermore, these mixing systems automatically compensate if shower discharges are shut off during operation or shower discharges are engaged during foam operations.

The System maintains the same exact accuracy over the entire minimum gpm and maximum discharge gpm wash system configuration, period.

” The World’s Best Decon Apparatus “